Happy Holidays!


Dear Valued Client,

As we reflect upon the year gone by, a major accomplishment that stands out for us
is the creation of Interchange Capital Partners as our team transformed itself and
became independent. We want to thank you for your central role in making this
possible. Ironically, although it was one of the most challenging times in this nation’s
history, in retrospect, it turned out to be an ideal time for our team to realign our
goals and provide increased value for you.

Similarly, while 2020 has been especially hard and devastating to many and a year
like no other, there are silver linings. Out of coronavirus came creativity. Out of
quarantine came bonus time with family. Out of activism came changes for the

So that we leave this year behind with a glimmer of optimism, here are ten good
things that have come about in 2020:

1. Nature is thriving – Sightings of wildlife have increased worldwide and a
reduction in air pollution is giving the planet a chance to rejuvenate.
2. Improvements in medicine – Increased hygiene and social distancing
practices have reduced the instances of other medical problems like seasonal
flu. The swift and efficient development of effective vaccines for COVID-19,
without compromising safety, has shown some remarkable medical
3. High levels of innovation – Businesses have had to adapt to a new way of
working and this has meant unprecedented levels of innovation and invention.
While change can be challenging, it can also bring opportunities.
4. Increased digitalization – We will always need human contact, but we are
learning that some things can be done more efficiently online, which frees up
time in your day to do things that matter to you.
5. Remote working – Many workers are now working remotely and this is likely
to continue. Remote working breaks down geographical barriers, reduces rush
hour commuting and cars on the road, and gives people more time to spend
with their families and friends.
6. Improvements in education – Home-schooling has allowed many parents to
understand their children better. Education is becoming more digitized and
affordable, while an abundance of free training courses have also become
7. A new look at the vulnerable and underprivileged members of society – 
Confronting a common crisis has shone a light on the challenges faced by
people who are less fortunate. As a society, we are becoming more aware and
responsive to these issues.
8. Volunteering opportunities – Individuals and companies are donating
money, food, and medical equipment to support people affected by the
coronavirus. You can offer your skills and abilities to help someone in need.
9. Cooperation and social support – People are realizing the importance of
staying connected. We’re all in this together. Looking out for others is key in
helping to reduce feelings of isolation and it is mutually beneficial.
10. Choosing who is important to us – We’ve been reminded of how much our
loved ones mean to us and the importance of the time we spend with them.

Ultimately what we have all gained from this year is an abundance of gratitude and
appreciation. We are so grateful for the freedoms we used to take for granted—for
the health professionals and other workers who keep us safe, and for our
connections, family, and friends. We have grown stronger and more resilient in the
face of adversity.

As we contemplated the complexities of what this year has brought and how we can
make our best contribution during this season of giving, our team has decided that
we will be donating in your name to the Food Bank, an organization that has truly
stepped up to the plate this year and shined.

We have high hopes for 2021. The announcement this week that the implementation
plan for the vaccine will begin in the United States has sparked universal
anticipation for better days ahead. The world has found a promising path forward.

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday!

Kind regards,
The Interchange Team



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