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In this challenging economy, you probably know a family business owner that would value a second opinion around the interchange of their personal and business lives.

Like many of the most significant people in our client's lives, you may have questions and concerns about your current financial situation. That's why we created our complimentary Second Opinion Service for friends, family members and associates of our valued clients. We are pleased to offer you and your family the knowledge and guidance that the clients of Interchange Capital Partners have come to expect.

Opinion Service

Ask 10 families to define wealth management and 80% of the answers will revolve around investing. Better yet, ask 10 wealth managers to do so. You will almost certainly get 10 different answers, and most are likely to be heavily focused on investing. As a client of Interchange Capital Partners, you benefit from a disciplined, experienced firm that has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management.

Private Wealth Management

Goal Based Investment

  • Spend, Live and Give structure
  • Risk evaluation   
  • Asset location and allocation  
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing


  • Wealth expansion, including tax minimization, cash flow and business exit planning
  • Wealth transition to next generations 
  • Protection planning
  • Legacy planning


  • Regularly scheduled calls, reviews, and in-person meetings with you
  • Ongoing meetings with your team of professionals, including legal, tax, insurance and banking

For Friends, Family, and Associates of our Valued Clients

Collaborative Process

We approach each new engagement with a collaborative process. This allows us to have an open dialogue in which we learn about your plans, values, obstacles, and opportunities, while working with you to tailor a plan to help meet them while supporting you and your family.

Full Client Experience

Our first meeting will be a discovery/organizing meeting, which is focused on gaining a clear understanding of where you are today. After the meeting is concluded, our firm will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current situation to identify the road you are on and if there is a more effective and efficient road that may address any gaps in your current plan. We will then invite you back for a second conversation where we will address any issues that we identified, as well as some solutions to consider. Hopefully, we can confirm you are on track to meet your goals. If needed, we will suggest ways in which we can help, including recommending someone else if we are not a good fit. You will receive a personalized roadmap that shows you how to navigate the dynamic interchange between your family, your business, and your ownership.

What to Expect From the Second Opinion Service

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