Lifecycle of a Generational Transition Webinar

The Risks and Rewards of Getting it Right

This 4-part webinar series is designed to provide family enterprises with a comprehensive guide to the intricate journey of generational transition. It will explore the critical stages of transitioning, preparation, execution and post-transition strategies to ensure a seamless and successful shift in both leadership and ownership.This first webinar will focus on the business before an ownership transition. It will dive into the four essential business decisions — People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash — 4 things that drive an effective growth strategy and build the most valuable business you can. This session underscores the significance of evaluating and fortifying these pillars to ensure a smooth generational transition within a family enterprise.

This webcast will address:

  • People: Identifying and nurturing future leaders; resolving conflicts and defining roles to maximize productivity and minimize emotional drain.
  • Strategy: Continuously refining strategy for sustained revenue growth and stakeholder alignment.
  • Execution: Implementing disciplined execution habits to optimize profitability and efficiency.
  • Cash: Managing cash effectively and reducing the Cash Conversion Cycle to fuel growth; understanding and exploring liquidity solutions that may be needed at a moment’s notice.

Please join Interchange Capital Partners’ Ahmie Baum, CEO and Founder; Brian Baum, President; and Family Business Magazine’s Publishing Director, David Shaw, as they discuss the first steps toward readying your business and family for the journey of generational transition.

Can’t join us live? Register at no cost and watch the webcast on demand at your convenience.